Welcome to the KSRAMP Homepage.


We made a great progress in radiopharmaceutical research in Korea, which resulted in a successful host of 20th ISRS in Jeju in Korea in 2013. To make it sustainable, we have to pay more systematic endeavors. Thus, we promoted the Korean Council of Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry in to Korean Society of Radiopharmaceuticals and Molecular Probes(KSRAMP).


The first emphasis of KSRAMP would be academic activities for development of new radiopharmaceuticals, which might be applicable to develop new ligands for rapidly growing molecular imaging or nano-medicine fields. Consequently, KSRAMP might provide academic background not only to nuclear medicine which directly uses radiopharmaceuticals but also to molecular imaging medicine and nano-medicine.


We would collaborate pharmaceutical and nuclear energy sciences to broaden our scope. Society of Radiopharmaceutical Sciences (SRS) of course would be our major communicating society abroad.


KSRAMP just launched. Although we launched with a big dream, we are small society yet.
We might have sometimes tailwind and sometimes adverse wind. We may need to concentrate our capabilities to overcome difficulties to make a great success and light a lamp in the world.